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             LianYunGang LianLi Water Meter Co., Ltd, basing in LianYunGang
          Economic and Technological Development Zone, China, is now the biggest
          joint venture company specialized in this field in China.The floor space of the
          company is 6634m2 and the building area is 11693m2.She has a staff of more
          than 300 people,40% of which are professional men and technicians of 
          relevant subjects.Those who occupy key position have all been trained abroad.
            All rights reserved: Lianyungang Lianli Water Meter Co.,Ltd. Tel: 0086-518-82341113 Fax: 0086-518-82340789
          Add: Lianyungang economic and technological development zone, jiangsu, china
          P.C: 222047 E-mail : lianli@lianliwm.com Support: Sooba.cn